Mr. Brubaker, or can I call you Jason, thank you! You are one of the persons who have mattered and taught me the most in learning how to make comics. But first, let me introduce myself. I am Elias and draw comics in Finland. I started a web comic in January 2015 and have surprised myself by being able to create… 46 pages for now. The thing I struggle with every day is that I can’t reach what I want to reach. I don’t have the necessary skills and techniques that I need to master my comic. However, your knowledge has been of so much help and support me in my process.

Your Remind blog and Making Comics podcast are endless sources of useful comics’ information. You present your insights in a very pleasant way and combine the artistic side with the business side. There can’t be many who know this much about comics and make comics in the same time.

No bragging, no unnecessary information and no secrets – that’s what I like about your stuff. I have read almost all of your posts and listened to your podcast. Some of your posts I have printed out, underlined and read over again to make sure that I have got everything. Your insights have been helping me in setting up my website and drawing and marketing my comic.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing all your knowledge. I also admire you for you grassroots level philosophy. I admire you for staying true to your ideals and for not going to a publisher and sell out.

If anyone is not familiar with Jason’s work start here:

I would like to encourage you in all the work you do and hope that you will continue to share your insights. You are by far the best comics’ source I’ve been able to find out there on the internet. I am sure you have a lot of followers and students out there.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!