Time has passed and not much has happened except for me keeping up with the comics updating schedule squeezing out the compulsory one page a week. I have been working a lot and I have also been ill as well as having overseas guests. Honestly, I have also prioritizes other things.

I made a promise to myself, and perhaps it was also public, that I would continue updating a page every Sunday but on top of that post a blog post every Thursday. This has not happened. Nonetheless, something else has been simmering. I have been preparing some videos about my work and how I work.

I haven’t decided yet on how often I’ll upload a new vid but the aim of it is clear. As my friend Abdi pointed out drawing comics is lonely business and it might drive you into extreme “nerdy”-ness. To counteract that loneliness and to disclose another side of the Kirkkonummi webcomic I’’ll upload videos about how Kirkkonummi is made.

The videos will cover:

  • How I do things artistically. This covers drawing, planning, learning and scanning among other things
  • How I run the business. Well, running the business might be too much said but this will cover how I run the website, market my comic and try to reach new readers.
  • The background of Kirkkonummi. The project is a very personal one and is based on loads of old memories, places and people that are important to me.

All these aspects will hopefully weave into a personal portrait of what it means to me to work on this webcomic. Ultimately, I hope it puts a personal face on the comic and alleviates the loneliness and boredom of someone out there.

So, some videos will be out soon. In the meantime check the Kirkkonummi teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tCaXdZVEZU